Office Chair Parts

Your office chair can appear as a complex machine with numerous parts at play. This guide will help you identify each part and name their function.

The bottom-most office chair part is a collection of pivoting mechanisms called casters. They are made of wheels within a mounted frame, which provides mobility. Connected to the casters is the chair base that provides stability and movement.

Above the base is the gas cylinder or gas lift which allows the user to adjust the height of the office chair for optimum comfort. The seat, or seat pan, is the cushioned support above the gas cylinder. It may be adjusted to allow maximum comfort, with the user’s knees perpendicular to the floor. Additional parts like the backrest, armrest, and headrest are there to ensure ergonomics and provide maximum comfort.

Terms and condition

It has to be in new condition. The buyer has to pay for freight charges. No refund will be made unless chair is inspected in our possession if return due to choice (e.g colour) and nothing wrong with the chair manufacturing 30% restocking fees would be applied*.

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