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Ergonomic Office Chair That Will Last

Why Buy Office Chairs from The Chairman?

The Chairman is different from other office chair suppliers.
We specialise in office chairs and can give expert advice on ergonomic chairs to offices and individual users for theirhome office.
Our extensive range of ergonomic chairs includes task chairs, right through to heavy duty office chairs designed for 24 hour use or those on the heavier side up to 275kgs.

Buying an office chair is an investment and your chair should last many years. Our office chairs are made with quality parts, have been researched, tested and come with long warranties. Good quality will save you money.

Why we are
The 1st choice in Australia

Customised Office Chairs

We can customise office chairs for height or size. Many options are available. Seat bases for coxidinia or other back issues can be helped by getting expert advise.

Repair Office Chairs

Office chair repairs was the start of The Chairman and now servicing Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra:

Our services have been provided for 15 years. Local technicians have been working on office chairs for more than 20 years. No other company provides this outstanding service ability. If you have multiple offices in different states we can service all your areas. Keeping suppliers to a minimum.

Support of Local Industry

As we are proud to support the Australian economy we have suppliers that not only assemble but fully manufacture chairs inside Australia. Australian chairs with AFRDI Certification.

Why Choose
The Chairman?

Quality Components

Top Value

Built to Last

If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.

Robert De Niro

Terms and condition

It has to be in new condition. The buyer has to pay for freight charges. No refund will be made unless chair is inspected in our possession if return due to choice (e.g colour) and nothing wrong with the chair manufacturing 30% restocking fees would be applied*.

Repair Office Chairs

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